Adam Joseph – Turn Me Out

Adam Joseph

We’ve always been huge fans of Adam Joseph – an incredible singer, songwriter and producer with a soulful voice and infectious vibes.
A frequent collaborator on various projects throughout the years we were thrilled when we ended up producing his latest single – “Turn Me Out”. The track was co-produced by another one of our favorites, UK based singer/songwriter Sophie Delila (Universal Records) and was recently complimented by a full-on single release on Gomination Records which included plenty of hot remixes as well as the funky original. The track is currently featured on ANA Airlines in-flight audio service throughout November.

Purchase the single on iTunes / Check out the Maxi Single on Beatport / Visit Adam on Facebook / Twitter


Self Control – Feat. Daniela Bauer

Daniela Bauer

In early 2012 we were fortunate enough to meet up with an incredible singer and songwriter, Daniela Bauer. We immediately knew we wanted to do something special together and have been toying around with the idea of producing new versions of some of our favorite songs. As huge fans of 80’s music we decided to arrange and record a new version of the late Laura Branigan classic “Self Control“. We wanted to make sure we bring out something fresh to the song and decided to connect with the darker, lyrical side of this pop masterpiece. Working with Daniela was so inspiring we decided to shoot a video for the track together with our guitarist, Shahar Mintz at his amazing Brooklyn loft.

Since then Daniela Bauer, known by her stage name “Yela” went on to participate in the Austrian Pre-Eurovision contest and continues to grow her fanbase both here in the USA as well as throughout Europe.

Check out “Self Control” below and click here to purchase the song on iTunes / Google Play

Marlon Saunders – Beautiful Design Remix

Marlon Saunders

One of our favorite projects this last year was remixing the incredible vocals of Marlon Saunders. A veteran of both studio recording and live touring, Marlon has sung with so many legendary artists and producers it was obvious to us that the incredible vocals he provided us with for this remix deserve some extra hotness! With the original version released on Black Honey Records, we decided to give this remix a bit of a retro 12″ feel with some new-school synth lines to balance that groove out. You can check out the result below and purchase the single (Out now on the legendary Nervous Records Label) on Beatport.